Share Some Sugar

Okay, so I love this concept.

Remember the good ole days when neighbors were relied upon if you ran out of or broke something?  You could run next door (or down the street…)and ask your neighbor for a cup of milk for the baby, or some sugar for the pie you’re baking.  And you know the Joneses always let you borrow their lawmower when yours kaputzes.  Or what about that iPod charger you left in the plug at the school library or local coffeeshop?

SHARE SOME SUGAR is your saving grace.  It’s a place where you can find the people in your neighborhood that have what you’re looking for and are willing to lend it for borrower’s use – for a nominal per-day fee that you set for the goods you decide to lend. (You also can decline a lend! It’s all up to you!)

Interested to see if I was one of the late-comers to this party, I went in search of Long Beach lenders and nothing!! Guys!! Let’s get this thing started in our neck of the woods! Sometimes my sewing machine jams or I break a needle and I need a new one for a quick hem.  If we each tell 5-10 friends about this in our LB neighborhoods – post it on FB pages or blogs, we could have quite a collection of goodies at our disposal.  However, keep in mind that there are other people’s items of whom have spent their hard earned money and time obtaining these items so let’s show some respect when borrowing.

I’m already signed up.  Now it’s your turn…

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